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78 is a good number

78 lbs lost. That's the number I was at when I stepped on the scale yesterday. I see this slender neck, a jawline, one chin, collarbone, my tiny fingers all the way around my wrists, my arms in general are a lot smaller than they always were as are my legs and butt. I find I love skinny jeans now, though not nearly as much as my modcloth dresses. Only thing that hasn't gone anywhere are my hips. I can see the difference in my waist, but hips look about the same. I'd say the belly dancing is definitely my friend. I'm still going. Got the tummy that has to go and more toning with the loose skin that needs to go away ASAP. Since I've moved in with Mike and I'm no longer able to jog around the LSU lakes every day, he said we can do a gym membership together since he's looking at getting into protein and muscle training again.


Sleepless in Louisiana

So the insomnia is starting to get out of hand. I tried out the Triazolam to see if that would help any and while it did get me to sleep, waking up was a whole other issue. Every time I've taken it so far, I vaguely register the alarm going off and then when I finally coerce myself to get up and move around, I feel extremely intoxicated and end up feeling like that until about an hour or so before it's time to take the next one at around 9-10 pm. I've laid off those for now and am back to just simply not sleeping. At this point, my body and mind both feel very exhausted and defeated. The funny part is I can pinpoint exactly when this started. I spent weeks in denial that the two events were even related, but as more time passes, it's hard for me to ignore the obvious. I'll figure this out eventually.
So there's a game I play online and while I was perusing in the forums, there was a rant thread going on about The Hunger Games. Both the movie and the book series. It started off first about how the series has been "Twilighted" and then moves into how liking the books is like liking 1984 and is terrible because it's too morbid.

Re-read that last sentence again, if you will. Don't worry. I'll wait.

I had to go back and read through all the posts again because I wasn't sure I was reading this in the right context, but no. I was. First off:

Wah? What's the big deal about a bunch of teenagers being pitted against each other in fighting to the death? Battle Royale, anyone? It's been done. And frankly, the Asians did it better. My point is, I don't think this series is going to cause governments to have collective aneurysms and start playing these hunger games. Even if they did, I'm already too old to play. So I'm safe.

Second, I can sort of see how liking The Hunger Games is like liking 1984, but how is that a bad thing? I'm sure Orwell is doing other-worldly flips that his book is still being talked about. I guess I can KIND OF understand an oppressive government scenario. And possibly the similar setup of a post-mass atomic war/apocalyptic setting, doomed love, never-ending war, but that's about as far as it goes, I think.

I have successfully lost my train of thought. |D

Apr. 9th, 2012

I keep forgetting I have a livejournal. I'm so used to using my facebook now, but I can't use it to post actual journal entries. Too many people reading it for me to be able to say exactly what I want. That's the downside to having everyone you know on your friends' list. So, here I am.

A lot of things have been going on recently. I just can't seem to remember that things and people change, so when a slew of changes happen at once, it knocks me for a loop. That's what happened a few weeks ago. I was spending all my time either at work, at school, or at Kelsey's house with her and her boyfriend Joshua. I had my boyfriend that, even though he was in Texas, we still managed to see each other a few times a month or so. Everything was pretty great. Then within the span of two weeks, my guy and I broke up, then Josh and Kelsey, then midterms hit and I struggled through those, all while trying to move into my new apartment. That's another thing. For the first time ever, I'm living completely alone and it scares me. I have this amazingly awesome king-sized bed in my room, but I haven't even been sleeping in it. I usually end up sleeping on the couch with a movie droning on through Netflix.

Oh yeah I forgot. I have started a new job since the last time I updated. No longer do I deliver pizza. That chapter is finally closed after almost four years. Now, I'm working as an Office Manager for a personal injury and criminal attorney around the downtown Baton Rouge area. I've been here since around January and I love it. I know it's just a job to get me through college, but it's giving me great experience that I wouldn't have had otherwise. Also, it is providing some very nice padding for my resume.

I'll have to come back and update more a little later. I've got a research project due at 6 pm and I'm only about half-way finished. I just keep telling myself it'll all be worth it when I have that PhD.


I have a few minutes before my laptop battery dies, so I figured I'd do a quick update xD

So within the next two months, I will be taking two totally awesome road trips. First up, I'm leaving on August 4th with my friend Kelsey and her boyfriend Josh to go to Chicago for Lollapalooza. Dear lord. We're going to be fear and loathing this trip. It's going to be the most amazing thing ever and I can't wait. I'm only going to the actual festival on that Friday to see A Perfect Circle, Bright Eyes, Skrillex, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Crystal Castles, and a bunch others. That Saturday, we're going to explore Chicago. Take it in in all its glory. Sunday, I'm meeting up with draik and :yoolee for as of now, a renaissance festival :3 Then on Monday, we're hitting up six flags. It's an adventure I'm sure to not forget.

Labor day weekend in September, I'll be going with my friends Isfa and Atticis to MFM. Furry Fiesta was the last con I went to this year, so I think I'm due for another con ;D Also, MFM was the first fur con I ever went to, so it just seems appropriate.

Be on the lookout when the time comes for pictures from both of these trips and journal updates. I plan on doing at least SOME updating just so my friends know I'm alive and having fun :P

Jul. 12th, 2011

Did a better entry. Scroll up xD
What am I doing. Hm. That's a rather good question. We just got the internet turned on in our new apartment last week and it took me till today to remember I had one of these. It WAS just Elliott, Chris, and myself living here, but then Chris decided to move in a girl. A girl who he wants a relationship with, but who wants nothing with him except sex. :/ Sad Chris is sad. The fact that she's an annoying little gnat who seems to constantly buzz in my ear is just the icing on the cake of stupidity.

OTHER than that, Elliott got a new job and Chris did too, which leaves me plenty of alone time during the day to work on my art and music. I can't work when I have two full-grown manbabies crying over my shoulder because they're hungry or bored. I'm also still waiting on my next shipment of fake hair to come in so I can start working on my next few sets of dread falls. The last ones they sent me somehow were opened before getting to me and then re-taped shut with 3/4's of the hair I had ordered missing. Good going, postal service! Total thumbs up from me!

Before I moved out of Walker a month ago, I went to my old high school in the middle of the night. The air had just turned cold and I stood in the area where we used to hang out in the mornings. Six years since I graduated. In ways it feels so much longer, but at the same time it feels like no time has passed. I could still see everyone in my memory as clearly as if I were standing there looking at them. I could still hear the conversations of Chobits and panties as if they were being spoken again. It's weird the things you find yourself remembering sometimes. Haha.

Man. It's still early in the evening and it seems I've run out of things to do on the internetz. IMPOSSIBLE!

Where have I been...

I've been working about...60+ hours a week almost, but now it's starting to slow down. I was asked to go back to Papa Johns after I said I never would, and help them run a new store in Walker. How I managed today off, I'm not sure.

Elliott and I made two years together on April 2nd. And finally I've sat down with Michelle and Aerie and started planning a wedding. So far...three pages of stuff to do, places to go, dates to pick from, etc. This is sooo much harder than I thought. I may just go the route of the justice of the peace wedding. I don't need a big wedding. The only reason I'm doing it is for our families. We'd be just as happy going to the courthouse and signing some papers and being done with it. We've lived together for...a year and a half now and really nothing would change. We'd just be husband and wife officially. Decisions, decisions.

Though I can't deny the girl in me. And the thought of planning this out with those closest to me kind of excites me.

Oh and Neb is living with us now. I love my Nebby <3 And Robbie is moving back in with us now that the leeches are gone.
So! I am temporarily commandeering Arie's computer so that I may post something of an update.

Lately, it's been a lot of going places. Taking Elliott to work, going over to Arie's, going and hanging out with Reid and co., or really just anywhere. Where ever the night takes us, kind of thing. Right now Chris and Reid are sitting on Arie's couch watching Kids. Apparently Reid's never seen it, so we are breaking him in. This is so much fun.

Other than that, the only thing that's going on is life. As usual, you know?
SO! I haven't had internet at my house since April. I still don't have internet, but I am at Arie's house using hers. When I do get online, there are very few things I check since I usually have limited time. Tonight I decided to read some journals I haven't read in a while. The paper trail led me back to a person I haven't actually talked to, but I have heard of.

And may I say....

What in the ever living name of God did I miss?

Apparently, I am causing a whole lot of drama with someone I have never actually spoken to. Never even met. And now this person is posting nice long diatribes about how I need to grow up and get over myself and stop iming with hateful comments and quit being jealous of what this person has and whatnot. Really? Seriously? I'm not calling out any names, but GOD do I find this amusing. I haven't even been on the internet to cause any kind of problem with anyone at all. To be honest, I forgot this person even existed until now. I read through everything and I laughed. Heartily. It was AWESOME. And proof that even if you don't do anything at all, some kind of trouble is going to find you. I've spent the last...year or so trying to live in nothing but peace, and I have succeeded.

You, little person, are not going to get to me. :) And if it makes you feel like a bigger person to post these fictional monologues about the "troubles" I have been imparting on you when I don't even know who you really are, then by all means. Knock yourself out.